Thursday, July 17, 2008

4:00 AM

I can't sleep again. Big surprise. I finished the computer today and it will be picked up tomorrow. We had jambalaya for supper, I used the fresh thyme that I received yesterday. I'll post the recipe if anyone is interested, just let me know.

Owen and I watched "Nim's Island" together. It was better than I expected. Then we pulled out a DVD of Fraggle Rock and watched a few episodes. Goodness, how I loved that show when I was Owen's age.

I am going to make a peach tart tomorrow. It's actually a recipe from my Paula Deen cookbook. I've never tried it before buy since I love anything peach, I'm sure it will be fine.

I'm currently reading a Nicholas Sparks book. I have all of his books but haven't read them all. I have his newest one and will probably start on that one next.

I listened to my Time Life oldies collection while I was cooking today. It's sad how much music has changed. Now most of the lyrics are so vulgar and horrible. I do still listen to country music (current) and a few contemporary folk singers etc. I suppose it is the rap I am referring to and also I am amazed at what gets Top 40 radio play today. Some pretty racy stuff.

Owen did his bible reading this evening. He was reading from his NIV and then he read the same in his KJV. I am strictly KJV and I know the criticism that surrounds the NIV, but I still allow Owen to read it as an accompaniment to his KJV and it has helped him greatly.

Since it is so late, or early, I am going to go ahead and try to sleep. Goodnight.

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